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TravelZone - top tips for tots on trips

TravelZone section of the FSID website

Keeping your baby safe and healthy on holiday
The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (FSID), with support from Tomy, has produced a free new guide for parents and professionals on how to keep babies safe and healthy on holiday.

This innovative new resource is a poster which folds into a handy passport-sized leaflet. Health professionals can display the poster in clinics and parents can take away the leaflet. Advice is offered in an accessible, upbeat cartoon style. Key health messages include advice for parents to:
  • Check their hotel cot is safe – the gaps between the bars are not too wide and the mattress is clean, firm and fits the cot well
  • Ensure other carers know to sleep the baby on the back to reduce the risk of cot death
  • Protect their baby from the sun which can cause serious burns in young children
  • Use a properly fitted car seat appropriate for their baby’s size and weight
Joyce Epstein, FSID’s Director said:

There’s more to remember when on holiday with your baby than packing loads of nappies! Keep your baby sleeping on their back, protect them from the sun and supervise them near water. These are just some of the top tips in the new TravelZone guide. Call FSID’s Helpline on 0870 787 0554 for your free copy”.

Tomy is the one of the UK’s leading baby goods manufacturers. Their sponsorship of this project helps ensure our lifesaving messages get to parents, carers and professionals. Sally Plumridge, Marketing Director for Tomy, said:

It’s harder for parents to keep as close an eye on their baby when they are in a new setting. Unforeseen dangers are around every corner. But, by following the steps in the TravelZone guide you can keep your holiday stress free knowing you are doing your best for your baby.“

  1. The TravelZone guide can be seen at the FSID website
  2. Top tips for travelling with babies
    • Keep your baby smoke free
    • Use a properly fitted car seat appropriate for your baby’s size and weight
    • Protect your baby from the sun with high factor sun cream, parasols and keeping them clothed
    • Check your baby’s cot has a firm, well fitting mattress which is thoroughly clean
    • Make sure all other carers know to sleep your baby on their back
    • Sterilise your baby’s feeding equipment. If you breastfeed wash your breasts and hands in bottled water.
    • Constantly watch your baby near water
    • Seek advice about immunisations from your doctor or health visitor before you travel
The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths is one of the UK’s leading baby charities working to prevent sudden infant deaths and promote baby health. FSID funds research, supports bereaved families and offers health and baby care advice to parents, carers and professionals.

Information published on this website is not a substitute for professional medical care or advice but should be used only as an aid in understanding current medical knowledge. A Doctor should always be consulted for any health problem or medical condition.

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