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e-med e-med medipac™
A medipac is a medical bag which has been designed by doctors to help the traveller in emergency situations when abroad and when access to medical help is difficult. Anyone who travels abroad can use the medipac: divers, surfers, business people, holidaymakers, travellers, backpackers... in fact anyone who wants to safeguard their health.

Why is it so useful?
    e-med medipac
  • it provides a collection of highly useful medications to treat most of the illnesses you may get when travelling abroad
  • you can immediately access medication when you are sick
  • you may not be able to get hold of sterile needles and syringes when you are abroad
  • it allows you to access a UK doctor online
  • the dressings will prevent any wounds form becoming infected
  • there are water-proof dressing for divers
  • it could save your holiday or business trip from being ruined through illness or injury.

What does a medipac contain?
    medipac contents
  • Selected prescription-only medications
  • Dressings
  • Sutures
  • Sterile needles
  • Syringes
  • Detailed Instruction Booklet, on how to use the contents correctly
  • e-med Membership Card with an exclusive PIN Number
  • Registration and Confidential Health Questionnaire to be returned to e-med so we know your health details if you need to contact us from abroad.

Full list of medipac contents

A medipac contains a number of prescription only medications along with dressings, sutures, sterile needles and syringes. Contents may change subject to UK availability.

Antibiotics: These are to cover a broad range of the illnesses that can ruin your trip
  • Amoxicillin - a broad spectrum antibiotic used for chest, ear, tooth, bowel, urine infections
  • Erythromicin - another good antibiotic if you are allergic to penicillin, and in chest, ear, eye, skin and bowel infections
  • Doxycycline - used in lung, bowel, urine and sexually transmitted infections
  • Gentamicin ear/eye-drops - antibiotic drops for ear and eye infections
  • Cicatrin(TM) cream or powder - a locally applied antibiotic for skin infections
Analgesics: These are prescription only, and thus stronger than available over the counter at your pharmacist.
  • Coproxamol - known as Distalgesic(TM), a good analgesic where ibuprofen or paracetamol fall short
  • Codeine Phosphate - a good analgesic in stomach cramps due to diarrhoea
  • Tramadol - a very strong pain killer for emergencies, like fractures or severe aches
  • Diclofenac - used in painful inflammatory situations, like sprains or back pain
  • Acrivistane - a non-sedating antihistamine for itching or allergic conditions
  • Zopiclone - a sleeping tablet with no hangover effects
  • Aspirin[soluble] - for many conditions from sore throats to heart attacks
  • Buccastem - for nausea or motion sickness
  • Hydrocortisone cream 2.5% - for rashes and skin inflammation
  • Loperamide - known as Imodium(TM) and used for diarrhoea
  • Lignocaine - local anaesthetic with a sterile suture pack
The medipac also contains:
  • 4 Dressings - Mepore(TM) dressings ready to use for keeping wounds clean
  • 2 Sterile Gauzes - for cleaning wounds and stopping blood loss in cuts & abrasions
  • Bandage - a large multipurpose crepe bandage
  • 4 Sterile Needles & 2 Sterile Syringes - for injections and blood testing
  • Sterile Forceps - for removal of unwanted materials from injuries and for helping stitch wounds
  • Plastic Skin Spray - Opsite(TM) spray creates an instant waterproof dressing
  • Suture Pack - a strong sterile nylon thread and curved needle for stitching up cuts and wounds
  • Foldaway Sterile Field Area - This is built into the medipac so you always have a clean area to operate
  • 2 Sterile Medical Wipes - to sterilise skin and surfaces before any contact
  • 1 pair of sterile gloves

How do I know when to use the different drugs?

Each medipac contains instructions on use of the medications and information on prevention of illnesses... and if advice is needed whilst you are abroad, then medical support is always available from e-med over the Net.

What does it cost?

A medipac costs £79.99. This includes free delivery (UK only).

If you don't need to use the medipac then e-med will BUYBACK the pack for 50% of its cost, as long as it is returned within 3 months of purchase, still in good condition, and still containing all its original items unused.

Information published on this website is not a substitute for professional medical care or advice but should be used only as an aid in understanding current medical knowledge. A Doctor should always be consulted for any health problem or medical condition.

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